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Before airing on our many other affiliate stations, online and off, we now tape ALL our live shows on the BTR platform! [blog talk radio]. Previously we used to pretape everything before sending out our shows to our other stations, but this new feature enables us to take live callers - up to 5 at one time - and much more.

Call us during a live show!

THE CALL IN NUMBER: (646) 595 4274




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.Never before aired highlights of THE CD: The News for the Soul story! Hear amazing speakers including T Harv Eker, James Ray, David Icke, Uri Geller, Stuart Wilde, David Morehouse and many more...MORE REAL WORLD PROOF THAT YOU CAN TRULY DO ANYTHING:  The News for the Soul Story ... Hear about how News for the Soul -  the #1 totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web - was created by one "broke, down and out single mom on disability".  Just before launching News for the Soul in January 1997, Nicole Whitney had 3 incurable diseases, two children, no family, money or resources and plenty of excellent reasons why single handedly launching a new form of alternative media wasn't possible.  Nonetheless, she hobbled to the printers on her cane, her one year old and eight year old daughters in tow, and printed her first "positive news newspaper" edition using that month's disability check, along with some faith and sheer will ... Over the next decade, the paper then called Know News evolved into a leading resource for self empowerment in print and radio and on the internet.  And somehow along the way, the three "incurable'' diseases vanished along with Nicole's old way of thinking and being.   Now News for the Soul serves the awakening global community and reminds us all that anything truly is possible.


NFTS founder, producer & host Nicole Whitney has been dubbed 'the Oprah of the Internet' by NFTS listeners.

In it's first 11 years of existence, NFTS has been called a 'movement'. Check out NFTS here.


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