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Mar 4/09 - The 2nd Remote Viewing On the Air Event! The science of psychic ability developed by laser physicists and funded via millions from the CIA - remote viewing is demonstrated and put to the test here on the air. NFTS Nicole Whitney and fellow remote viewers Rebecca Neilson, Sharon Allen and Scott McKenzie were all extensively trained in person by former remote viewer Dr David Morehouse.

part one - the briefing >>>

part two - the results >>


. . VIDEO - NFTS Host Nicole Whitney particpated in David Morehouse's remote viewing 'test' on the TV show Proof Positive filmed on location in Los Angeles - watch the segment here:

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news for the soulRevisiting one of our most life changing journeys together on News for the Soul - remote viewing! Today we hear incredible highlights of the time we have spent with former CIA remote viewer Dr David Morehouse over the years, including our truly bizarre adventures with UFOs in Peru. ... TODAYS SPONSOR:


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albert taylornews for the soulFeb 7/09 - OBE EXPERT DR ALBERT TAYLOR ( THE EXPERIMENT - IT IS TIME! LEARN HOW TO LEAVE YOUR BODY AND EXPLORE.... After a myriad of paranormal events, and as a result of a spiritual awakening, Taylor left behind nearly two decades of work as an aeronautical engineer/scientist, to author and publish his book, Soul Traveler. Taylor is currently a metaphysical researcher, teacher, lecturer and artist. TODAYS SPONSOR:



tom campbellnews for the soulJan 25/09 - Will the live teleportation experiment be successful? Author /and Grande Finalephysicist Tom Campbell joins us live to discuss and answer questions on literally everything and anything, in keeping with his extensive book trilogy - My Big TOE [Theory Of Everything]. Tom Campbell's career involved helping Robert Muntroe research and launch the Munroe Institute in the 70s. . . . TODAYS SPONSOR:



neil sladelisten on news for the soul now for freeMONDAY JULY 16, 2007 - Neil Slade - - Tonight we talk to Neil about mass consciousness experiments, higher brain functions for manifesting miracles and more. This talk was inspired by the Fire The Grid event scheduled for tomorrow. We discuss maintaining the positive focus BEYOND the one hour event and learning to evolve, staying in the flow 'most of the time'.... Brain Magic By Neil Slade >>



.Monday June 7th, 2oo4 - Phoenix Edition - ON-AIR . LIVE "GHOST BUST" #2 [LISTEN TO THIS GHOST BUST NOW] - Did David 'the oracle' Pilz & NFTS host Nicole Whitney encounter paranormal activity on the show? Come with us on a journey to see the unseen and transcend fear of the unknown as we enter the allegedly VERY haunted basement of Jakes Crossing in Port Moody, B.C. ...




'Conscious Journalist' Nicole Whitney "covering" a fire walk in 1987. Read Nicole's fire walk article >


nicole whitney skydiving

the provinceSKYDIVING - News for the Soul founder / host Nicole Whitney "covering" the launch of tandem skydiving in B.C. 1986 (Picture & story ran on the cover of B.C. daily tabloid 'The Province". where Nicole worked under the byline of "Nikki Wagner" in 1986 as a city desk reporter.)



UFOs? Dramatic Group Sighting of Strange Lights In Peru Skies
Okay. This is where our story gets "a little weird" by our western culture and conditioning, anyways. , In Peru, UFOs and strange ships and lights in the sky are widely accepted as part of the 'norm'. . In fact our shaman guide Jorge himself even told me he personally has seen many flying saucers as well as a 'large mothership craft' with his own eyes. .. Odd occurrences in the night sky began FOR US on the 2nd evening of our Choquequirao trip. . There were just two of us experiencing the phenomenon at first which later grew to three and then four. . And by the next day, our entire group was involved.

It was about 6pm and I was doing the now-routine 'try not to throw up or fall asleep before dinner is served around 7pm" thing, knowing I'd need the refueling energy to get through the next day. I sat sprawled across a stretch of grass on the edge of the cliff overlooking part of the Choquequirao ruins site. After awhile my tent roommate Sue joined me, offering the latest essential oil with gravol-like properties which I was happy to try.

We sat for awhile and somehow our conversation shifted onto UFOs. .I'm not even sure how. . To make a long story short, she asked me if I was open to conducting an experiment? I said 'yes' and she suggested we put the intention "out there" that we are 'open to contact and communication now'. Dinner wasn't ready yet so I said 'okay'.


The "landing pad" at Choquequirao


We sat staring silently into the expansive darkness before us for several minutes.
Suddenly a bright light blinked off the supposedly deserted mountain peak before us.
"Oh!! Did you see that!?"
"Yes I did!"
A couple minutes went by before it blinked again.
Was it a camper, I wondered? And if so how could they get onto the opposite peak in this uninhabited area?
The next light blinked from far above the mountain top on the horizon, shooting down my rogue camper with a spotlight theory once and for all. , After watching the light show in the sky for some time we decided to "intend" for the lights to come in closer...and they did! . By the wee hours that night, we had tiny lights blinking from the corners of tents two feet away and from behind a blade of grass just inches in front of our small group which had grown to 3 or 4 by then... (And yes, the it's-just-fire-flies theory fell flat as well upon closer inspection).

While this unusual experience left me with more questions than answers, it was nothing compared to what happened the next night after dark!

the steps 'that weren't people steps'By now my fever was in full swing and we'd survived a tough 10 hour on-foot trek over rigorous terrain. . As darkness fell I sat alone somewhere between the makeshift horse stable area and the makeshift showers at our basecamp, staring up again into the night sky. . I decided to see if I could 'instigate' more light blinking by sending out the 'open for contact' intention once more.

Just then some fellow campers concerned for my condition approached me and convinced me to rejoin the main group. , I didn't give the 'experiment' another thought until I heard voices excitedly reporting "UFO lights in the sky" a little while later.

I'd been lying down on a large tarp amidst our 'tent town' but now lurched upward in time to see large orange glowing lights - three of them - bouncing around in the night sky far above the Andean mountains on the horizon before us.

A few of us watched for several minutes and then we were joined by more campers.. Even Jorge dropped what he was doing and watched 'the UFOs' with great interest. . The orange lights were visible for several minutes and then vanished only to return an hour or so later after dinner and again the next morning at 4:15am as we were preparing for an early start on the trail. It was then that I finally thought to try to capture the sighting on camera.

I did manage to capture a bit of footage from the early morning 'ufo' sighting. . And this experience has inspired a closer look, so stay tuned!

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NFTS founder, producer & host Nicole Whitney has been dubbed 'the Oprah of the Internet' by NFTS listeners.

In it's first 11 years of existence, NFTS has been called a 'movement'. Check out NFTS here.




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George Noory and Nicole Whitney

The MCs on March 14 at the 2012 Quantum Leap in Los Angeles [2009] - George Noory from Coast to Coast and Nicole Whitney from News for the Soul.


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Nicole Whitney, News for the Soul Broadcasting

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